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cy in this sector in recent years have provided a breeding ground for the com▓pany," Wang said.Wang and his employees have guarde

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company will introduce more talent and expand its businesses in more countries this year.To ▓improve professionalism and competitiveness, and to respond to both opportunities and challenges brought b

ries, includ

y the Belt and Road Initiative, the company launched▓ a recruitment program for top foreign talent this year.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPle

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ase scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatElon Musk's company among final bidders for Chicago's airport e▓xpress trainElon Musk's company among final bidders fo

British Pri

r Chicago's airport express trainElon Musk's company among final bidders for Chicago's airport express train03-22-2018 13:41 BJTCHICAGO, March 21 (Xinhua) -- El

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on Musk's Boring Compan▓y is among the two final bidders to design, build, finance and operate an express rail system from

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to downtown area, Chi▓cago mayor's office confirmed on Wednesday.Last month, the hi▓gh-profile entrepreneur sent his Tesla Ro

David Cameron, former Pre▓sid

adster to space by SpaceX's brand new Falcon ▓Heavy rocket."Strengthening connections between Chicago's economic engines will drive

ent of Germany Christian Wul

our economy into the future, build on the city's legacy of innovation and pay dividends for generations to come," Mayor

ff and former French Prime Min

Rahm Emanuel sa▓id in a statement."Today, we have two teams that have the ability to gerojectjob done and create an express connection between downtown Chicago an

ister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.I

d O'▓Hare Airport without a taxpayer subsidy," the mayor announced.One of the qualified contenders is El▓on Musk's Boring Company,

n addition, a long list of c

the other is O'Hare Xpress LLC. They have beaten another t▓wo initial bidders and will be eligible to respond to a Requ▓e

elebrities, such as action sta

actress Yang Mi and actor-director Wu Jing, have received personal security se▓rvices from the company.Wang said the
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